New Zealand Cherry Corp. recognises the key to the best returns is quality. Because we control the whole process we can constantly monitor our cherry quality from time of entry to the packhouse to time of delivery into the market. We have the ability to get our cherries to market within 72 hours of picking.

We employ independent quality controllers at our freight forwarders in both Auckland and Christchurch to ensure that the product arriving and departing is of the highest quality.

We work closely with local transport providers, to ensure our product is handled and transported safely and coolchain is maintained, and with our forwarders, New Zealand market wholesalers, and retailers to ensure correct handling and loading of our fruit. To ensure we have the space available when we need it we also work closely with airlines.

Every shipment is tracked using a temperature recorder that travels with the shipment from the time our forwarder selects the load for shipment until it is received by the customer in market.

In addition we monitor out turns with customers and visit markets while our fruit is arriving to check closely the quality of the cherries arriving has been maintained.